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from the "Gangrenous" ep

from the "Come 'n' See" lp

Once Again
from the "In Search Of..." ep

Mr. Authority
from "The Meanie Of Life" lp

from the "Televolution" lp

from the "10% Weird" lp

from the "Six Suitable Tracks" ep

Four Walls
from the "secrets of the ancients revealed" ep

Rubber Man
from the "Crack In The Sun Or Fade In The Shade" compilation

People Like Me
from the "3RRR Live In Your Lounge Room" compilation

Big Bertha (live)
from the "Wally's Wild Weekend " lp

Fuckwit Bomb
from a very early demo tape

Lay Your Body Down
from the "Self Mutilation - One, Two, Three, and more" compilation

Go Nostradamus Go
from the "Vulgar Tongue" Compilation

Better The Devil You Know
from the "Bigger Than Tina" soundtrack