Ton of Bricks review from Formguide

The widom in declaring themselves "10% Weird" is now apparent; this is clearly the maximum quota allowable on many of the radio stations which are now adding 'Ton of Bricks' to their playlists. This is the third single from the album and, in my book, the best. All of the standard ingredients are here; Link Meanie's inimitable scream over a characteristically brief intro, the witty lyrics, and the chorus which you will find yourself involuntarily singing along to. Above all, 'Ton of Bricks' certainly doesn't wear out its welcome, clocking in at just two minutes.

The rest of the CD contains a selection of Link Meanie compositions culled from various 7 inches, EPs and live recordings, with the excellent live version of 'Rhyming Logic' being a particular highlight. Overall, 'Ton of Bricks' should be a prized addition to the collection of long-time fans and record converts alike.