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Other Bits The Meanies have appeared on!

Boogie Wonderland (Three tracks) LP ANDA-133

"Big Bertha", "Mr Authority", "Our New Planet". We recorded with two other groups, the Nice Girls From Cincinatti (sic) and the Throwaways. Three tracks each. Then we went to Au-Go-Go to see if they'd release it as an album. They did. Our First Release. Released April 1990. 800 copies. Deleted.
Recorded and produced by A.O'B and us at Stable Sound. Remixed for "The Meanie Of Life" compilation by Power and Link at Stable Sound.

Oh God Pt 3 / How 'Bout It Baby (Three tracks) CASS

"Fade In, Fade Out", "Macho Wankers", "Mantra". Giveaway compilation cassette with Bored!, the Dirty Lovers (RIP) and the Nice Girls From Cincinnatti.
Released September 1990. 300 copies given away at a gig at the Tote.
Recorded and mixed live at the Tote Hotel by Dave Hannan.

Lemon #12 (One Track) 7" EP

This was a 7" that was given away with each copy of Lemon #12. It featured a track from Ripe, Swordfish, Brokenhead and us. Our track was "In Your Shoes" - a track left over from the sessions that produced our first singles.
Released August 1991. 2000 only. Deleted.
Produced and engineered bt Ded and us at Recordio.

From Babylon To Brunswick (One Track) LP

Twelve bands, Twelve tracks on Nomad Record. Features Nursery Crimes, Seminal Rats, Denial, Bastard Squad, Velvet Hammer, Bored!, Brokenhead, Rootbeer, Beanfeast, Suiciety, Poppin' Mommas and us. Our track was a studio version of "Fade In, Fade Out" .
Released November 1991.
Engineered and produced by Ded and us at Recordio.

Teeth (One Track) 10" EP ANDA-140

Featuring one track each from Guttersnipes, The Throwaways, Spiderbait and us. Our track was a different version of "What Am I To Do?" . Au-Go-Go gave this away at a Xmas gig featuring all four bands.
Released December 1991. 1000 copies on baby blue vinyl. Deleted
Recorded live at the Tote by Dave Hannan.

Wally's Wild Weekend (Two tracks) LP ANDA-141

"You're Pathetic" and "Big Bertha". A live album recorded at the Tote over the Easter weekend in 1991. Featuring two tracks each from Hoss, The Throwaways, Guttersnipes, Spiderbait, Nursery Crimes, Unclean Spirits and us. The cover photo and title of the album were NOT Wally's idea!
Released January 1992. 1000 only. Deleted (almost).
Recorded by Ded. Mixed by Ded and Simon Grounds at Simon's house.

Crack In The Sun Or Fade In The Shade (One Track) CD

A thirteen track compilation on Ra Records. It also features Screamfeeder, Guttersnipes, Fridge, Massappeal, Nursery Crimes, Rootbeer, Seaweed Goorillas, Tumbleweed, Supergrass, Daisygrinders, You Am I and Headache. Our track was the lyrically complex "Rubber Man" .
Released November 1992.
Engineered at Sing Sing by John Hresc. Produced by A.O'B, John and us.

Self Mutilation - One, Two, Three, and more (One Track) CD CREEP 015

A compilation of compilations featuring The Meanies' "People Like Me". Also features tracks by Coffin Break, You Am I, God And Texas, Jonestown, Green Magnet School, Free Moving Curtis, Poppin' Mommas, Sandy Duncan's Eye, Mother's Day, Superchunk, Erectus Monotones, Screamfeeder, Vertigo, Nunbait, Alien Boys, Stump Wizards, Seaweed, Atomic 61 and Seaweed Goorillas.
Released in 1993 by Hippy Knight Records.

3RRR Live In Your Lounge Room (One Track) CD ID0021-2

A compilation of live radio performances, 1 track each from Hurdy Gurdy, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, Mantissa, Soulscraper, The Ergot Derivative, Happy Drivers, Swordfish, Vanilla Chainsaws, Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes, Seaweed Goorillas, The Fireballs, Meanies and The Underground Lovers.
Meanies track was "Lay Your Body Down" live.
id/PolyGram 1993

Fuse Box - An Alternative Tribute (One Track) CD

An AC/DC tribute album featuring the Meanies version of "It's A Long Way To The Top" . The compilation also features Suiciety, Yothu Yindi, Rig, Automatic, Downtime, Don Walker, Nitocris, Blitz Babies, Front End Loader, Fur, Electric Hippies, Anti Anti and Frenzal Rhomb.

eMpTy Records Sampler (Two Tracks) CD MT-273

Features "Scum" and "Wonderland" .
Released in 1994 by Empty Records

Just Because We Love You (One Track) CD MR045

Features "One Right To Grieve" .
Released in 1995 by Munster Records.

La 1a Internacional (One Track) CD MR062

Features "Ton Of Bricks" .
Released in 1995 by Munster Records.

Ox-Compilation #20 "Pogo Tribe Detector" (One Track) CD OXCD05

Features "10% Weird" .
Released in 1995 by Ox Fanzine.

Vulgar Tongue compilation (One Track) 2CD VT2

Featured 42 other bands. The Meanies track was "Go Nostradamus Go".
Released in 1996 by Vulgar Tongue Records.

eMpTy Sampler II (Two Tracks) CD MTR-353

Features "Them" and "Emulator" .
Released in 1997 by Empty Records.

Survival From Out Of Nowhere 2 (One Track) CD SUR542

Features "Probe TV".
Released by Survival Records

Happenin' Chick Fanzine Issue #3 (One Track) 7"

1 track each by The Meanies, Screamfeeder, Not From There & Pollen. Features The Meanies track "Stow It".
Released in 1998.

Punk You! compilation (One Track) 2CD

A Compilation with too many bands to list. Features The Meanies track "Four Walls".

Bigger Than Tina soundtrack (One Track) CD

Featured The Meanies covering Kylie Minogue's "Better The Devil You Know".

Fuck The Millennium (One Track) MR CD 214

A 2001 Munster Records compilation featuring "Buffalo Free".

Richie Ramone's Army Of Rockers (One Track) CD FULL TOSS 333

Promo cd from the Tote, 31 August 2002. Features the six suitable tracks version of "Buffalo Free" . Also features tracks from Aquanuggets, Asteroid B-612, Blitzkrieg Bop, Bored!, Casanovas, Concorde, Cosmic Psychos, Deltahouse, Drones, Dumb Earth, Dung, Even, Flirts, Love Moods, Mach Pelican, Mustang, Onyas, Powder Monkeys, Rootbeer, Sailors, Shutdown 66, Spazzys, Stunt Car Drivers, Warped and Wigshop.

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